Annual Wellness Exams

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Annual Wellness Exams

Helping our patients live long, happy, and healthy lives with annual wellness exams.

Pet loving parents can agree on one thing – we all want to have our furry friends to be with us as long as possible. Our practice believes regular checkups and exams are crucial to your pet’s well-being. Regular check-ups can help avoiding common illnesses that cause issues with companion animals.

One of our caring veterinarians will provide a thorough examination of your pet at your visit. This checkup provides us vital information to help keep your pet healthy, as well as treat possible health issues before they start to develop and progress. Routine care can add years onto your pet’s life!

Getting Acquainted

We recommend keeping yearly appointments for your pet, as regular wellness allows us to get familiarized with your pet and you. Building a relationship with patients & their pet parents is essential to assessing your loved one’s health. Knowing our patients allows us to develop a top notch healthcare plan. When your dog or cat becomes comfortable with our veterinary hospital, it makes future visits easier on them and you. We want your pet to have a stress-free, comfortable experience every visit!

The Right Amount of Prevention

We provide detailed wellness services, as we’re committed to keeping your four-legged friend as healthy as possible. Head to tail examinations by our veterinarians are standard with every examination. That way our vets can identify if there’s anything abnormal and put a customized care plan that fits your pet’s breed, lifestyle, risk factors, and needs. Keeping your pet healthy includes vaccines, nutrition, dental care, parasite control, and weight management.

Regular Health Management

With regular wellness visits at Park Animal Hospital, we’ll get to see snapshots of your furry friend’s health status. We take each exams information and compare it to your pet’s previous check-ups.

If we notice significant changes from the last visit, this can help diagnose early signs of illness. Early detection of illnesses helps us put the best treatment plan in place and improve your pet’s outcome. Through frequent wellness exams, we can work to make your pet more comfortable and extend their lifespan.

We understand you want your furry companion with you for as long as possible. All the staff at Park Animal Hospital would love to help you out with that goal. Give us call (805) 526-0573 to schedule your pet’s wellness appointment!