Medical Pet Lodging

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Medical Pet Day Stays & Lodging For Dogs & Cats

At Park Animal Hospital, we understand travel can take you away from your dogs and cats. We know you want what’s best for your them, which is why we offer convenient and affordable loving care for your furry companion while you’re away! There are a plenty of options when it comes to letting someone watch your pet, but why not allow our Park Animal Hospital staff of experienced and trusted professionals give your four-legged friend the best care possible? When your pet stays with us, they are under the care of an on-site Veterinarian.

Cat and dog boarding at Park Animal Hospital is like a vacation for your furry loved one. We will provide them with a safe and fun environment for playtime, while also offering all cats and dogs their own enclosure for privacy, comfort, and a little solo time. While boarding your pet we will make sure they get the attention and care they truly need. We know you’re the best caregiver for your furry companion, but we strive to provide a truly fun environment for them while you’re away, because we are all animal lovers!

At our boarding facilities, you’ll feel relaxed knowing that your four-legged friend will have continuous access to veterinary care if needed. You’ll be able to enjoy your time away knowing your pet’s needs and wants are met and exceeded by a staff of caring professionals. We want nothing more than to make your companion’s time away from home comfortable and memorable. We wouldn’t be surprised if they couldn’t wait to come back for another vacation!