Dental Care

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Pet Dental Care

Oral Health is Crucial To The Overall Wellness of Dogs & Cats

At Park Animal Hospital in Simi Valley, our veterinarians provide dental care for both dogs and cats. Dental health plays a very important part in your pet’s comprehensive health care. When a pet does not have healthy teeth and gums, it can cripple their long-term health and cause internal harm. According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, by the age of three, more than 80% of dogs incur symptoms of gum disease.

If left unattended, poor dental care can lead to more serious health conditions, such as heart, lung and kidney disease. Your pet’s teeth should be checked annually by your veterinarian to prevent these long term diseases. Signs your pet may have oral or dental disease:

  • Excessive Bad Breath
  • Discolored Teeth
  • Built Up Tartar
  • Mouth Sensitivity
  • Drooling or dropping food
  • Bleeding from the mouth
  • Loss of appetite
  • Broken/Loose Teeth
  • Abnormal Chewing
  • Mouth Swelling

Contact us right away if you observe multiple symptoms as they may have advanced dental disease.

What Causes Dental Disease in Pets?

When food particles and bacteria build up along your dog or cats gumline, combined with saliva & minerals, forms plaque which turns into calculus. Gums then become irritated and leads to gingivitis. Although cavities occur less in dogs and cats than in humans, but just like us, pets can develop many similar dental issues. Some dental problems that can develop:

  • Periodontal Disease
  • Broken teeth and roots
  • Cysts or tumors in the mouth
  • Abscesses or infected teeth
  • Malocclusion or misalignment of teeth and bone
  • Broken/fractured jaw
  • Palate defects

Benefits of Pet Dental Care

Our focus is on preventative care as well as maintaining proper oral care for your pet. Working with our veterinary team to improve your pet’s dental health can help the following:

  • Lower risk of gum disease
  • Stronger, healthier teeth
  • Better breath
  • Preventative health care
  • Removal of baby teeth when tooth isn’t lost naturally
  • Lower risk of various health concerns
  • Lessen pain for your pets

At Home Pet Dental Care

Brushing your pet’s teeth weekly is the most effective thing you can do to keep their teeth & gums healthy. Our veterinarians and staff will discuss best at home practices with you during your visit. You can also watch the video below for tips to help keep your companion’s teeth clean.