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Veterinary Diagnostics

Managing your pet’s wellness through state-of-the-art technology

When a human becomes ill or injured, they visit the doctor. During their visit, the person can discuss their symptoms with the doctor and receive appropriate care. This is not the case with pets as they’re unable to tell us what they’re experiencing. The only way a pet owner can pick up something is amiss with their dog or cat is changes in mood or behavior. Animals are extremely good at hiding signs of injury and illness. When diseases go undetected, they can progress and become more life threatening.

To avoid the development of disorders, we use veterinary diagnostics to provide proper assessment and diagnosis. At Park Animal Hospital, we use the latest tools and technology available to provide a thorough analysis of your dog or cat’s external and internal health. Veterinary diagnostics paint the big picture of your pet’s wellness and allow us to provide the right treatment for their individual scenario. By having the ability to assess illness and injury quickly and efficiently, your pet can have the best prognosis. Our practice possesses all the veterinary diagnostic equipment your loved one needs to manage their ongoing wellness.

Laboratory Services

​ Our facility has on-site diagnostic laboratory testing equipment, that way you can get results fast. We can run urinalysis test, blood panels, and more right at the practice! Waiting on lab results can be a little unnerving, so our team wants the process to be as expedited as possible, which can make all the difference with certain illnesses. As soon as the results are processed, we can build the optimum strategy for the next steps in your pet’s wellness.

If you’re four legged friend is exhibiting odd behavior, contact us today to schedule your appointment so we can them back in good health.