Senior Pet Care

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Senior Pet Care

Helping aging pets feel young with Senior Wellness Care

Our goal at Park Animal Hospital is to help your pet live a long, healthy active life well into their golden years. As people need care in senior years, your pets also need senior pet care. As a general rule of thumb, pets are considered senior by the age of 7, but this varies between dogs and cats, as well as breed.

By keeping a close eye on your pet’s health, our veterinarians can manage their wellness and be in tune with their well-being before they start experiencing serious age-related conditions. We will work closely with you to provide the appropriate treatment options that will be the most beneficial for your pet.

Senior Wellness Exams

We recommend seeing senior patients for two wellness exams a year. Bi-annual exams allow us to monitor if your pet is exhibiting any different physical or behavioral attributes. During these appointments, our team:

Perform a complete nose-to-tail physical exam.
Run a full blood work panel to check your pet’s blood count, liver, kidney, and thyroid functions
Perform a preventative deworming
Give a urinalysis test
As senior pets are prone to hypertension, we’ll oversee their blood pressure

Once we we’re able to assess your pet’s condition, routine x-rays may be recommended. This allows our veterinarians to inspect their chest region to make sure the lungs and heart are healthy. This also allows us to make sure no masses are present and screen for signs of arthritis.

Senior Pet Counseling

As your pets age, they become less active and their dietary needs also change. In the case of older cats, they’re at higher risk for thyroid and kidney diseases. By simply changing your cat’s diet, we may be able to avoid health concerns before they arise. Dietary changes may even improve the appearance of your pet’s coat or relieve joint issues. For dogs, supplements like fish oil can be a great option to improve minor arthritis problems, as well as improve their coat. Once we’re able to understand your pet’s wellness needs, we may recommend specially formulated senior cat/dog food.

Dental issues in pets becomes very common with age, so our veterinarians will also check your pet’s teeth, mouth, and gums to see if veterinary dental care is required. During your exam, your veterinarian will consult with you on at home dental care to prevent excess plaque & tartar buildup.

Pain Relief for Senior Pets

Your pets can be quite adept in hiding pain, as it used to be crucial to their survival. You may not be aware your pet is uncomfortable until they’ve been experiencing discomfort for a while. As your pet ages, you will notice they have less energy, become less active, unable to jump to heights they could before, then it’s probable they need veterinary care. What you’re unable to see on the outside is internal changes to your pet’s body. This is why semi-annual exams play an important role in senior pet health care.

At Park Animal Hospital, we believe prevention is the best medicine. We have a fully stocked pharmacy for any medications to aid with pain relief, as well as therapy options to aid our ailing patients. Contact us today (805) 526-0573 to schedule your pet’s Senior Wellness Exam.