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Dog & Cat Vaccinations

Our philosophy at Park Animal Hospital is pet vaccinations are critical to the health and well-being of your pet and family. As there are a variety of diseases that can effect pets, vaccinating them against potential diseases is one of the most important components of their continuing wellness. With such a multitude of diseases dogs and cats are prone to, properly vaccinating play an important role in protecting dogs and cats.

Why Should I Vaccinate My Pet?

Many diseases which pets are vaccinated for can be potentially life endangering if contracted. Vaccinations provide protection from diseases and promote animal health.

A not widely known fact is that certain illnesses can be passed from your pet to you and others. Through proper vaccination, you’re not just protecting your pet, but you and your family! Prevention assists in keeping optimal health for all of your loved ones.

Spending a minimal investment now for vaccinating your pet can save you a large sum of money later. Vaccines keep your dog or cat from being susceptible to developing diseases that can come with expensive treatments.

What Are The Risks of Pet Vaccines?

As with any medical procedure, pet vaccinations have a minor level of risk involved. Some pets may experience mild side effects to vaccines, feel free to ask any of the staff at Park Animal Hospital if you have any questions. The health benefits of vaccinating against dangerous diseases greatly surpasses any potential risks.

Advise our staff if you know of any potential disease outbreaks in your area, so we can vaccinate appropriately. We look forward to discussing the benefits of proper vaccination and providing you with any additional information you may questions regarding required vaccines.

Our team is dedicated to educating all pet parents about vaccines. The staff will cover any signs and symptoms to watch out for in your pet after a vaccination, to ensure they aren’t experiencing the unlikely event of an adverse reaction.

Recommended Pet Vaccines

The veterinary staff at Park Animal Hospital is educated in what vaccinations our patients will need, including when and how often your pet should get vaccinated. Typically, six to eight week old puppies and kittens require regular vaccines in the first one to two years of life, and then vaccinations are given less periodically.

Pets receive the standard and common vaccinations for many preventable diseases including:

  • Rabies
  • Parvo
  • Distemper
  • Hepatitis

Some vaccinations are considered not standard practice, but can be recommended or necessary for your pet, depending on their lifestyle. For example, the Bordetella vaccination (Kennel Cough) is essential if your pet is frequently around other animals. If you plan on taking your pet to a groomer, kennel, or pet day care facilities, most will require a Bordetella vaccination.

The Park Animal Hospital team will always make sure your animal companion is receiving the highest quality of veterinary care. If you have any questions about the required vaccinations your pet needs, and when your pet should receive them, contact us today.