Veterinary Surgery

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​Veterinary Surgery

Taking a family member in for any kind of operation is never easy, whether that loved one has two legs or four. At Park Animal Hospital, we’re benevolent to your situation, as we’re all pet owners as well. Most of our team has gone through the worrisome experience of their pet having surgery. All of our veterinary surgeons are highly skilled and have years of experience, so you can be rest assured your pet is in the best hands at our practice.

Pre-Surgical Care

To lessen the risk of any complications, our team will conduct a thorough pre-operative screening to allow us to discover and be best prepared for anything that may arise during surgery. We’ll also devise the best strategy to keep your companion comfortable and pain-free, before, during and following surgery. As every surgery is as unique as your pet, we use the most advanced technology and medications on top of a personalized approach for each patient.


From routine spays & neuters, to more intricate operations, we treat every surgery at Park Animal Hospital with the utmost care. We’ll put your mind at ease and discuss any questions or concerns you might have, before we get your loved one relaxed and prepared for surgery. Once your pet has been safely placed under anesthesia, we’ll dexterously perform the surgery. Our veterinary staff will be working side by side with your veterinarian during surgery, to make sure your pet has multiple hands on deck. Our surgical suite has state-of-the-art equipment for monitoring, allowing us to track vital signs and pain levels of your pet.​

Discharge and Post-Surgical Care

Once surgery has been completed, your four legged friend will be in a peaceful and comfortable recovery area. We believe surgery should be a calming experience, so one of our team members will be readily available to comfort your pet when anesthesia wears off. When your pet is ready to discharge and come home, we’ll discuss aftercare and pain management techniques with you. This will help your dog or cat to have a quick and serene recovery.

With the Park Animal Hospital team at your side, surgery doesn’t need to be an uneasy experience. Contact us today to discuss the world class surgical care we can provide for your pet.